Keeping Sacred Records…

As we become more familiar with our area and those precious souls we have been asked to visit,

teach, and minister to, we are more conscious of the unique field in which we labor.

Behind almost every door, we find member or part member families and/or individuals, struggling

with the challenges of drugs, alcohol, debilitating depression and mental illness, suicide, parole, or

recently paroled. We are humbled as we witness the Spirit move before us, preparing each contact,

and even us, especially us, to address these challenges through Faith in Jesus Christ, and to invite

these to begin their journey back into fellowship in the Church; To offer our commitment to make

this journey with them.

As we visit with each other, at the end of the day, and at the end of the week to compile accurate

records of our visits, principals taught, progress made or ground lost, we are instructed by the

Spirit. We are led to the path we are to follow and the new direction to take to continue recovery of

these. We have come to understand more fully, the sacred nature, even the great eternal value of

these Teaching Records. In the very act of record keeping; the Spirit instructs and reveals the will

of the Lord concerning his precious children. When we choose not to keep records, or treat record

keeping lightly, we demonstrate our confidence not to be in God, but rather, in the arm of the flesh.

Less-Active Families 20,  Part-Member Families/Investigators 4,  Recent Converts 2,  First Time Visits (included above) 11,  Number of Contacts Attending Sacrament Mtg 23,  Number of Lessons Taught 17,  Referrals 1


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