“My Peace I Give Unto You, Not as the World Giveth, give I unto you… Let Not Your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid…”

We visited earlier this week with a Less-Active single mother and her two daughters, (11 and 7 years, the youngest is Autistic,). The mother works full-time, struggles with Agoraphobia and is sincerely striving to overcome her fears and take control of her life for the benefit of herself and her daughters.

We assured her of her Heavenly Father’s love for her, our love for her and our desire to sustain and support her as she makes this journey back into activity in the Church. We complimented her on her courage in facing her Agoraphobia and candor in sharing this painful condition with us.

We bore testimony that although we cannot escape these challenges in life; the Gospel, and Faith in our Savior Jesus Christ will strengthen us, and give us hope, in facing the challenges before us.

As we exited the apartment, the 11 year old daughter stepped to the side where her mother could not hear or see her outside the door, touching my hand she whispered so innocently, and with heart-felt emotions, “Thank you for talking to my mom and saying things that make her happy!”

Precious moments such as this, when we see the Spirit give hope and comfort in our brief visits, fills us with peace and gratitude. We are humbled to be vessels carrying the healing balm of the Gospel message to those who suffer. We look forward to continued visits with this sweet sister and her beautiful daughters.



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